Connecting your brand to fond personal memories, is a powerful way to increase brand engagement.

Prioderm – Stronger than head lice

Your mother cut your hair

You wanted to be just like dad


Get parents to pick Prioderm over very similar but cheaper, private label alternatives.

Made at Chunk! Prioderm suffered from increased competition with house name brands. They offer very similar products, but Prioderm has a higher price point. They view themselves as a more high-end product in the market, but are not necessarily more effective. So we needed to establish a stronger emotional connection between Prioderm and parents. Luckily for us, they are the only brand that has been assisting parents in their fight against head lice for more than 40 years. Production was done together with studio Beng Beng.

Get parents and even young grandparents to remember Prioderm in a fond way.

You can’t help yourself but smile