A bold new pizza + beer concept in Rotterdam, without any of the classic Italian clichés.

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Westkop Rotterdam


Create a no-nonsense identity for Westkop Rotterdam that celebrates their love for pizza and beer.

The Westkop brand is fresh, it’s bold, more reminiscent of a streetwear label than an Italian pizzeria. And that is exactly what Rotterdam needs. Located in the heart of a cultural and artistic zone -that’s getting a complete overhaul (not finished until 2022)- Westkop is the popular new kid on the block making waves. A very graphic visual style that hits home with the young audience of the innovative ‘Kunsthal’ and famous ‘Boijmans’ museums.

The modular design system makes it easy to create fresh social content, daily.

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Westkop Rotterdam

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Westkop Rotterdam

Westkop Rotterdam

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